How to Dot & Dab Insulated Plasterboard – a DIY Guide

In today’s video I will be showing you how by installing insulated plasterboard, you can transform the warmth of your house!

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Today’s Toolkit:
– Kingspan Kooltherm K118 thermally insulated plasterboard bought from SIG
– Ox 5 gallon, 25 litre plastering bucket
– Gyproc Driwall Adhesive £8.95; or
– Knauf Plasterboard Adhesive £10.46
– Plastering trowel £7.99
– Ragni bucket trowel £6.29
– Plastering hawk £24.98
– Unibond Super PVAC £20.62 or
– Thistle Bond-It £71
– Stanley Rasp Planer £10.29
– Universal saw £8.49
– Vitrex Power Mixer 1400 watt 230v
– or Plaster mixing paddle £8.76 for your
mains powered drill
– Dust mask £12.99
– Safety specs £2.99
– Titan SDS drill £59.99

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I’ve now insulated 4 rooms in my house – 3 using this method of fixing insulated plasterboard with adhesive bonding, and our bathroom where I mechanically fixed the plasterboard to battens. I find adhesive bonding a much easier method as with battens you need to pack out each batten to get it plumb and to line up, whereas with adhesive bonding, you can use the thickness of the dabs to adjust the finished position of the plasterboard.

The ceiling in the spare room featured in today’s video is lath and plaster – originally covered in wood chip wallpaper but recently stripped by us. The ceiling is well insulated in the loft space. The walls however are two course victorian brick with no cavities or insulation – in other words an open fridge in the winter. I’m gradually replacing the old windows with double glazing, but there’s no point when the walls are so cold to the touch, so I stripped off the old plaster and render, and dot and dabbed them myself with Kingspan Kooltherm K118 thermally insulated plasterboard

Building Regulations

Kingspan Resources
– Kingspan Information Hub
– Kingspan K118 Product Brochure
– General advice Insulation Technical Service Department UK – Tel: +44 (0) 1544 388 601
– How to Guides and FAQs
– DIY Doctor

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