Biscuits bring in bucks for non-profits and schools | Lee County

Biscuits bring in bucks for non-profits and schools | Lee County

Biscuitville is usually closed in the evening but it was open for business recently with a portion of the proceeds going to area schools and community organizations.

The restaurant, located on Horner Boulevard, is only open for breakfast, but on Tuesday they were open in the evening for two hours, part of a company fundraiser with a local impact. Called “Breakfast After Dark,” it is the restaurant chain’s annual fundraiser with a portion of the purchases made between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. going to local schools and organizations.

Organizations like United Way and several elementary and middle schools in the city were selected to receive funds from the fundraiser. At 5 p.m. customers started slowly coming in to place their orders.

So, due to the time change, often Biscuitville employees greeted customers with “Good Morning instead of “Good Afternoon,” but it was still service with a smile.

Tessa Bauer, assistant manager at the restaurant’s Sanford location, said despite the time change employees wanted to be there.

“This is a bonding experience for us,” she said. “Everybody is here after hours doing good work. We have a lot of new hires and it’s another experience to get to know each other better.”

April Brady, 44, stopped by the drive-thru place her order, wanting proceeds from her purchase to go to West Lee Middle School, where her children attend.

“I’ll do anything to support the school and I like breakfast for supper anyway,” she said.

Tara Swann, 26, came out in support of West Lee Middle School as well. Her daughter attends the school.

She hopes the school gets enough money to make some improvements at the school.

“I hope some of the money would go to the band because they are trying to raise money,” she said. “The softball field is a little rough as well.”

Nannette McCoy, 50, is a teacher’s assistant at Deep River Elementary School. She ordered several biscuit sandwiches and hopes that will help the school she works at gets some financial help.

She hopes they will be able to raise enough money to get some new playground equipment for the school.

“Maybe do something nice for the staff,” she said. “The morale has been down for the teachers this year, maybe this can help give them (teachers) a special lunch.”

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