President Trump Responds to US China Trade War – Trade Deal is Intact

White House Economic Advisor declared the trade deal with China as over. However, President Trump made an official statement that the China Trade Deal was not over.

In this video, we give a summary of the China trade war with the United States, which started in 2018. We’ll recap the US China tension, the US China trade war, and the US China trade deal. The United States of America made a China trade agreement. This is not your China trade deal explained, nor about the US China war on commerce, but rather the trade deal with China explained.

So the trade deal over statement made by White House Economic Trade Advisor Peter Navarro was incorrect and corrected by President Donald Trump on June 22nd. We are still in Phase 1 of the US China trade deal.

We hope this summary is helpful in understanding what happened between China and the US and how we got to where we are and where we now stand.

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