How Much 💰 Do You Need to Buy a House? | Why Live in Columbus, Ohio?

In this video we explore the costs you should anticipate when purchasing a home. It’s easy to forget about some of the associated costs, so tune in to be informed. There are tons of lending scenarios and the numbers may surprise you!


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After growing up in Central Ohio, the natural progression is to move to Columbus, but this was a very different town in the early 2000s. After surviving the Great Recession, Columbus has been on an absolute tear. While the recession was rough, we tended to fare better than many other cities partially due to the diverse amount of employers in the area. That, along with a focus on redevelopment of areas close to Downtown, population growth and the relatively cheap cost of living have helped buoy the Central Ohio area.

It doesn’t seem that long ago in 2009 when residents were stoked to get Yuengling Lager to the area. Fast forward a short decade and today we have over 50 local breweries and our own “Ale Trail”. That is just one of the fantastic changes.

Leaving for ten years, I left more or less a cow town and returned to a City bustling with boutique shops, coffee houses and restaurants, a renewed focus on fitness and somehow it seemed sunnier. In fact, it was such a cool city that we decided to stay.


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