Credit & Debit Card Fraud vs. Disputes, What’s the Difference & What to Do | Tech Tip Tuesday

What do you do if you see a transaction on your credit or debit card statement that you don’t recognize? First, you need to determine whether you should dispute the transaction or file a fraud claim.

In this video, Dani goes over the difference between a card dispute and fraud and what to do in each situation.

➡️ You cancelled a card transaction with a merchant, but the merchant charged you anyways.
➡️ You purchased an item with your card and later returned the item to the merchant. However, your card was never credited back.
➡️ You were charged twice for the same card purchase.
➡️ You attempted to withdraw funds from an ATM, but for some reason the cash was not disbursed from the machine (most likely due to a malfunction), but your account was charged anyways.
➡️ You used your card to “hold” a purchase, then paid for the goods or services by other means, but you were charged on your card anyways.
➡️ What was supposed to be a credit (+) transaction to your account was inadvertently posted as a debit (-) transaction.
➡️ You were charged an incorrect transaction amount. For example, $100 instead of $10.
➡️ You have an issue with the quality of goods or services provided.
➡️ You never received the goods or services for which you paid.

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