Sanitizer in chief: Twitter loves Biden inauguration’s mystery podium cleaner

Forget Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and, heck, even Lady Gaga — the true star of the inauguration was the bespectacled man of mystery who wiped down the podium between speakers.

The internet went bananas over the masked, scarf-wearing germ buster as he wordlessly protected the VIPs from COVID-19.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to adopt the hashtags “Sanitizer-in-Chief” and “Podium Sanitizer Guy” with users trading jokes and posing burning questions about the covert Mr. Clean.

And who could blame them? Viewers were mesmerized by the dutiful gray-haired gent who repeatedly whipped out his alcohol wipes before each luminary approached the platform.


Microphones picked up the sound of the rubdowns as well as the “thank you” from Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts waiting patiently in the background for the task to be completed during one of his cleaning breaks.

The unidentified podium sanitizer wipes away Wednesday during Joe Biden’s presidential inauguration. (Fox News video image)

Admirers of the virus warrior such as @lia_d_mcdonald on Twitter quipped: “I came for @joebiden and @kamalaharris but I soon found out I was really there for podium sanitizer guy.”

Others became obsessed with unearthing his identity and credentials. “How much does the Sanitizer in Chief job pay? That guy is really earning his keep,” noted @TheValster42.

An initial investigation by The Post points to his appointment by the Sergeant At Arms, the top official in the US Senate in charge of protocol during the oath-taking ceremony.

Meanwhile another fan, @lilceliacdiseaz, posted: “Also the Head Sanitizer in Chief up there is truly an American patriot. He hits that podium with Lysol and sanitizer with .3 seconds of it being vacated, he is ON it.”

Then, in a possible dig aimed at New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, she added: “Let’s put him in charge of the vaccine rollout tbh.”


Echoing her confidence in the cleaning champ, user @robert_riedl suggested: “The podium sanitizer guy should get his own marching band theme.”

But the award for wittiest tweet undoubtedly goes to @yorkshiredadof4 after he commented on a video of the hero in action.

His caption read: “Hey, granddad, what did you do at the 2021 inauguration? Kid, I was the podium sanitizer guy.”

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