Danny Haiphong Live: Jingoistic Right-Wing Sports Narratives Dismantled & U.S./China Politics


Listener Note: Skip ahead to the 14 minute mark if you don’t want (or have time) to listen to Danny and I do a little pre-show riffing as we get ready to rock and roll.

Thumbnail Image: Brooklyn, NY native and former NBA star, Stephon Marbury, playing with China’s Beijing Ducks where he has become a cultural icon and nothing short of a rock star.

Danny Haiphong and Nate Wallace have had enough of Outkick (the Coverage) spewing the most infantile brand of (pun intended) “American Exceptionalism and American Innocence,” and the worst of it going unchecked in mainstream (politics and sports) media.

These two clowns have built a mini-empire by drawing in every disaffected loser who feels like their safe space of sports fandom’s been imploded by “woke athletes,” “cancel culture,” and an unholy amalgamation of athlete activism and what they truly believe to be a once upon a time pure sports world (i.e. only permitting displays of jingoism, militarism, copaganda like politics that these pea brains believe are patriotic not political), that’s now tainted by the influence of what Jason Whitlock like to call “BLM: Bigots Love Marxism” HAHAHAHAHA.

The show will focus on Outkick’s laughably ahistorical claims regarding American Exceptionalism’s role in the world; Travis claims that the U.S. has consistently made the world a better place by exporting “our values” (which to Travis is of course the typical abstract “freedom” we here from Beltway regime change fanatics). Travis seems to think we were merely helping the people of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua by funding right-wing death squads and imposing on them totally undemocratic regimes. Travis believes Cuba was a bastion of freedom prior to Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution, despite the fact that 90% of the Cuban people they were illiterate, lacked any worker’s rights, and were wretchedly exploited for the benefit of U.S. imperialism’s profits (especially organized crime’s profits who ran the show at Havana’s casinos). Travis is so misinformed (perhaps deliberately since telling the truth would mean undermining his entrenched class-interests).

Worst of all of this is Trump, Travis, and Whitlock’s obsession with demonizing the People’s Republic of China, as their hypocrisy on so many levels is utterly astounding, even for these three!

We will go into much greater detail, and certainly won’t forget to roast Jason Whitlock’s shameful transformation from respectable journalist who at least pretended to care about issues of race and social justice, to becoming the black man Donald Trump and Clay Travis rely on to back-up the (at least in their minds) grant legitimacy to their awful takes on “American Exceptionalism and American Innocence,” athlete activism, militarism, jingoism, and the posthumous character assassinations of the black victims of fatal (or in Jacob Blake’s case life-altering) police shootings.

Lastly, you don’t want to miss our riff on Clay Travis hilariously citing Trump’s moving the U.S. embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a reason why everyday Americans should throw their support behind him -although to be fair it’s not as if Biden will do anything to reverse Trump’s outrageously criminal decision.

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Danny Haiphong is a socialist activist, writer, and political analyst. For the last six years, Haiphong has been a weekly contributor to Black Agenda Report, and now serves as co-editor along with Margaret Kimberly. Danny and Margaret are co-hosts of “The Left Lens” which can be found by visiting Black Agenda Report’s YouTube channel or wherever you listen to podcasts. His articles have also appeared in publications such as MintPressNews, Counterpunch, The American Herald Tribune, The Center for Global Research (Canada) and The Herald (Zimbabwe). Haiphong has frequently appeared on Black Agenda Radio, CPRNews with Don Debar, The Taylor Report, RT, and Sputnik International. His work was featured in former Congresswoman and Green Party presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney’s latest book How the U.S. Creates “Sh*thole Countries (2018).

Most recently, Danny co-authored a critically important book for the times in which we find ourselves along with Roberto Sirvent: “American Exceptionalism and American Innocence: a People’s History of Fake News, From the Revolutionary War to the War On Terror.”

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