[44] DIY How To Easily Rekey Your Door Without A Key

How To Rekey Your Door Locks Without a Key
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This video goes over how to decode your door lock and how to make an original key to the door and also how to rekey your door to a new lock. If you already have the correct key and want to simply rekey your lock you can skip the shimming step and move on to how to remove the cylinder.

Rekeying your door locks can seem difficult but with a little bit of practice it can be surprisingly easy and cost effective. Being able to do it your self will save you a lot of time and money. Everyone needs to change their locks from time to time and hopefully this will give you the courage to try it yourself.

Standard Pin and Tumbler Locks are more reliable than the new Smart Key locks. With those your are sacrificing reliability and security for convince. With these easy steps you will have the confidence to change the locks on your own home yourself.

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