2020 NFL Picks Week 1 –

eagles vs washington

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The first week of NFL football is here. What an exciting and unpredictable year we have ahead of us. There have been so many moves this offseason and a lot of uncertainty of what to expect from so many teams. The first week will give us some sort of an idea of how things will work. We’ll get to see some exciting new rookies such as Borrow and Young. We also will get to see Newton and Brady in new cities. So let’s get into it! Week 1 here we come!

Every week I plan to pick each game winner on the schedule. Feel free to comment down below on what your predictions are for each game too!

Texans at Chiefs

Chiefs 31-24

Packers at Vikings

Packers 27-23

Dolphins at Patriots

Patriots 21-14

Eagles at Washington Football Team

Eagles 28-17

Seahawks at Falcons

Seahawks 30-26

Browns at Ravens

Ravens 33-28

Bears at Lions

Lions 23-17

Jets at Bills

Bills 31-17

Colts at Jaguars

Colts 31-13

Raiders at Panthers

Raiders 28-21

Chargers at Bengals

Chargers 21-14

Buccaneers at Saints

Saints 37-31

Cardinals at 49ers

49ers 31-21

Cowboys at Rams

Cowboys 27-21

Steelers at Giants

Steelers 28-14

Titans at Broncos

Titans 21-14

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