10 Reason why Maritime is AWESOME ( And such a great career! earn 400k USD per year!? )

In this vlog I outline the 10 reason why I think Merchant marine is such a great career for youngsters to join. How a sailor can earn 400k USD. Despite the misconception that it is often a lonely life, which is not true at all.

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0:20 1 – The pay/salary $$$
0:50 2 – Tax Free
1:24 3 – Career Flexibility and Prospect ($400k Maritime Pilot)
2:40 4 – Job Security
3:46 5 – Travel The World while Getting Paid
4:10 6 – Lifestyle
5:25 7 – Long Vacation and Continuous Holidays
5:59 8 – Job Autonomy, Freedom, Flexibility
6:58 9 – Straight-forward Job and Tasks
8:01 10 – Fast Promotion and No Competitions
8:45 Bonus – Solitude

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